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This page features links to various websites with information related to controlled traffic farming:

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Controlled Traffic Farming Information and Sites

CTFA Conference March 1, 2017 presentations (downloadable pdfs)

    Keys to a Successful CTF System - Robert Ruwoldt

    CTFA Project Results - Roger Andreiuk

    Evaluating the Economic & System Benefits of CTF - Dennis Dey

    Impact of CTF on Soil Quality Properties - Kris Guenette

    Tramline Repair - video - Justin Nanninnga (presentation not available)

    Good, Bad & Ugly About Weeds - Neil Harker

    Tires - Load Bearing, Traction & Compaction - Scott Little

    Precision Benefits of CTF - Steve Larocque

    Transitioning Into CTF - Scott Keller

    Intercropping & Diversity in a CTF System - Derek Axten


Controlled Traffic Farming - Is Less More? Summary of some 2014 and 2015 results

Results from recent traffic systems research - R. Godwin et. al. UK and Europe

Equipment - Axle-Tire Widths for CTF - Beyond Agronomy factsheet

CTF Factsheet with farmer stories from SPAA Precision Agriculture Australia - January 2015

CTF, crop strips, twin rows and no-till in Ontario - Corn and Soybean Digest

Matching Machinery for Controlled traffic farming - Isbiter and Whitlock 'Pathways to CTF workshop'.

Planning process for moving into controlled traffic farming

Wheeltrak Calculator is a new app to help you calculate the percentage of the field you drive over. It was developed by Precision Agriculture in Australia. Some improvements are in the works. 

New in 2013 NACC Controlled Traffic Farming Manual - 80 page manual updating the Tramline Farming Systems manual. Click here to read on line or to download a pdf click here (7.6 MB)

Management of Surface Water for Controlled Traffic Farming - Western Australia 

Controlled Traffic Farming - Final Report, Nuffield Study Tour - Steve Larocque's comprehensive report on what he learned on CTF benefits and implementation worldwide and in Alberta, Canada.

Controlled Traffic Farming - CTF Solutions - Australia - Private company. Lots of free info and ‘how to‘ manuals for sale)

Tramline farming systems: technical manual. Webb, B., Blackwell, P., Riethmuller, G. and Lemmon, J. 2004. Bulletin 4607 ISSN 1448-0352. Department of Agriculture Western Australia, GRDC Project DAW 718.

Controlled Traffic Farming – UK/Europe – information, FAQs, case studies

Australian Controlled Traffic Farming Association n – lots of good reading and links

Australian CTF family run site

Controlled Traffic Farming Queensland, Australia

GRDC - Controlled traffic farming - Road beds and root beds

Precision Agriculture – Australian site with variable rate, guidance, mapping and CTF info

Dr. Jeff Tullberg 1998 Australian CTFconference report - dated
Southern Farming Systems - Controlled Traffic Site at Shelford – high rainfall area in Australia

Row Cropping

Controlled Traffic Farming: A Winner in the Wet - see how Australian farmer Peter Walsh's CTF system helped out in the extremely wet 2010 harvest

CTF videos 

CTFA tramline renovator - first use near Dapp, Alberta

Perspectives on subsoiling in the context of CTF - A 20 minute video by Dr. Tim Chamen, CTF Europe

Victorian No-Till Farmers Association - excellent video explaining CTF

The Spade Test - comparison of differently managed soils - German with English subtitles

Glenvale Farms 2014 harvest - full CTF system 

EW Davies Farm harvest video - check out the grain cart extendable conveyor for wide tramline CTF system

Series of 4 videos: Soil Compaction, Soil Structure, Tracks and Tires, and Proper Tire Inflation - University of Minnesota Extension

CTFA cooperator James Jackson on his ctf  project Part 1 - Alberta Barley Commission video

CTFA cooperator James Jackson on ctf benifits Part 2 - Alberta Barley Commission video

Phil Needham on the Benefits of Controlled Traffic Farming for RealAgriculture

Year 3 of controlled traffic farming - interview with Steve Larocque

Year 2 of controlled trafic farming - Morrin site tour - Peter Gamache

Year 2 of controlled traffic farming - interview with Steve Larocque

CTF in Alberta at harvest - interview with Steve Larocque

CTF in action in Alberta - interview with Steve Larocque

CTF Alberta July 29 field day near Morrin

Controlled Traffic Farming Introduction - Part 1 - Tim Neale, Precision Agriculture

38 foot CTF forage system cutting, windrowing, silaging and injecting manure - Denmark

Yields-Small Grain Solutions

YouTube - Controlled Traffic System (4.0 metres)

YouTube - Field Bin Usage in Australia

YouTube - Harvest on The Mitchell Farm

YouTube - Inter-Row Spraying Sorghum

YouTube - New Holland Mähdrescher CR9090 OptiSpread ( Aktive Strohverteilung )

YouTube - Reichhardt PSR Sonic Sensor Guided Steering

YouTube - Semeato Pneumatic System

YouTube - Harvesting on Controlled Traffic with hopper on chaser bin

Agronomy sites

Beyond Agronomy News – subscription based - 42 times/yr – Agronomist/consultant Steve Larocque’s agronomic info for Alberta.

No-Till on the Plains Leading Edge Journal of No-till Agriculture Subscription based – good articles on no-till, precision ag, rooting, compaction etc.

Exapta Solutions – extensive no-till info and equipment

Grains Research and Development Corporation (Australia)

Kondinin Group Farming Ahead

Inter-row weed control - Australian results

Birchip Cropping Group – Victoria, Australia – no-till, row spacing and many other publications

No-till Wheat Yields
– Needham Ag tips


Soils sites 

Notes on Soil Compaction - notes on some good compaction articles and papers with links

Ripping benefits quickly negated by wheel traffic - GRDC Australia

The Spade Test - comparison of differently managed soils - German with English subtitles

How to Avoid Soil Compaction: True or False Q&A - Corn & Soybean Digest March 27, 2013

Soil News (called Soil Expedition) an app from Injekta available on Android and Apple

Avoiding Soil Compaction and other soil compaction bulletins - Penn State Extension

Tires, traction and compaction - University of Minnesota Extension

Medical imaging reveals lasting impacts of soil compaction - AgProfessional & ASA/SSSJ

Compaction Distraction - Does Mother Nature deal with it for us? RealAgriculture interview with Marla Reikman of Manitoba Agriculture 

The Biology of Soil Compaction - webinar and factsheets 

Soil compaction: causes, effects and control - Minnesota Extension

GRDC deep ripping factsheet - not all soils are suitable

South Australian soil structure module

Alkaline Soils Group - Australia

Mapping Soils With a Penetrometer Wisconsin

Compaction of 'heavy' soils by cropping traffic and estimated benefits of tramline farming

Soil Compaction: Causes, Concerns and Cures – Wisconsin Extension Bulletin A3367 – good information


CTF Australian economics calculator – see calculator pages

Equipment – Drills and General

Australia’s Farming and Agriculture Directory

Gessner Industries - Agricultural Equipment

Salford – seeding and fertilizing

Great Plains No-till Drills

Momosem – Precision vacuum planter

Pillar Lasers Inc. – New generation Barton opener and tool bar

Ezee-On 3 meter CTF Quad Axle for 3000 and 4000 Series Air Cart

Morris 2 or 3 meter track Air Cart for CTF

Equipment – Fabrication, wheel kits, extensions

Equipment - Axle - Tire Widths for CTF - Beyond Agronomy factsheet

Adjustable Track Tractor for Zero Compaction Farming

John Deere controlled traffic spacer extension kits

John Deere 8345RT axle extension kits

Stevenson Wheel – wheels and rims

Header Equipment John Deere & MidWest Fabrication Pty Ltd

Wheel hub extensions - Unverferth wheel products

Tractor extensions – C&C Machining and Engineering - Australia manufacturer of extension kits

Stewart Steel - Agricultural – combine auger extension kits

Equipment – Guidance

AgRobotics - Home of The AutoProbe

All traffic runs in the same lanes auto-guidance keeps equipment on precise paths. Goliath Business News

escholarship Weeds accurately mapped using DGPS and ground-based vision identification

Farm Industry News video Implement steering from Trimble

Garford Farm Machinery

HGCA - Cost-effective weed control in cereals using vision guided inter-row hoeing and band spraying systems

THT Past Projects – guidance and vision technology

Reichhardt Electronic Innovations Reichhardt Electronic Innovations

SpringerLink - Book Chapter – weed recognition

AGROCOM Vision – guidance and auto-steering

Tillett and Hague Technology Ltd Home

Prairie Precision Network - builds, maintains, and broadcasts network RTK corrections to a large area of Agricultural Alberta and Saskatchewan

Equipment – Toolbars, Openers, Applicators

Fertilizer Opener - Fertilizer Coulter

Low-disturbance NH3 Openers NH3 applicators

Moore built Toolbars

Row Crop Cultivators and Planter Toolbars Wil-Rich

Twelve-inch shielded sprayer - 02-08-2007

Twin Diamond Industries - Testimonials

Needham Ag Technologies
– agronomy and equipment solutions for no-till

Amity – tramline system for spraying

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